As another year passes and we embark upon a new one, I thought I would write a post to share some of important events in our neighborhood and my activities as your Council member in 2012.

On the Council, I supported the FY2013 budget that does not ask for an increase in any kind of tax, fees or fines from our residents. Instead we added more services for our residents. We added 100,000 for an additional full time police officer, 80,000 for the new middle and high school (College Park Academy), 25,000 to attract for environmentally friendly businesses, and 20,000 for noise enforcement.

We also worked to fund four license plate readers at the Edgewood / Rhode Island intersection. These devices have been effective in other areas of the City in enabling the police to resolve crimes and catch criminals. I have also supported a contract to replace the wooden guardrail along Narragansett Parkway with a new one.

With my colleagues on the Council, I supported the formation of the neighborhood stabilization group in order to help improve the quality of life in our neighborhood. This came after the Council decided to put its rent stabilization ordinance on hold for a year, in the hopes of working collaboratively with a residents, landlords, students and other  stakeholders to look at alternative ways to address the issues that the rent stabilization ordinance was intended to address.

I have also supported a marketing plan to promote the City as the best place to live and do business.

We have also witnessed two great events taking place in our neighborhood. In the past summer, a brand new skate park was opened in  Sunnyside. This should be a great opportunity for young residents to practice skills, participate in healthy outdoor activity and have fun. After a long wait, we have also seen traffic signals at the Edgewood Rd and Rhode Island Avenue operational this year. Thanks to the hard work of many residents, City and County Council members to make  the Skate Park and traffic signal projects successful.

Like in the past several years, I also organized neighborhood cleanups in summer, College Park Day in Fall and a winter clothing drive every December.