Yard sale - Check before you start one

Recently, a few residents reported to me about a yard sale on an area near Duval field by Rhode Island Avenue. I was told that they have been there for at least the past 6 Saturdays and a few times on Sunday.

I took the matter to our City staff, who alerted code enforcement and asked them to investigate and enforce regulations. Accordingly, they went to the area last Saturday and stopped the sale.

This law only applies to property that is on City’s or County’s right of way. You do not need a permit from the City to start a yard sale on your private property or sell your items to a thrift store. People do this all the time! It’s a tradition.

Per state law, without a trader’s license, residents may have no more than 1 yard sale per year, lasting no more than 14 consecutive days, to sell their personal items on their private property.

The Duval Field Yard sale raised another question. Does it need a complaint from resident to stop this kind of yard sale? The short answer is no. It does not take a complaint for them to take enforcement action,but it does help to have any potential violation locations reported directly to code enforcement by residents either by phone call to 240.487.3570, or email, or by visiting the new “College Park Central” on our web site.