WSSC has begun their planned rehabilitation of the sewer main under 52nd Place since their has been many problems resulting in flooded basements and lawns all over the area. Many homeowners did some septic pumping to their tank to see if that would fix the problem and for many it was the solution since their tanks weren’t completely over flowed with water, but those who had more water on their property weren’t able to proper septic tank pumping or drain cleaning. However, for a group of others this was not the answer, so the city decided to reline the main pipes. The sewer main is being relined so there will be no excavations, there will be minor digs for some of the pipes running into the surrounding buildings, as well as the electrical wires that come from electrical posts located on the main road. This will ensure that the water and electrical system stay safe for the entire trajectory to the house while also providing constant power and water. The Contractor that was called for will be working from Sewer manhole to sewer manhole with the help of a specialized team to make sure the projects goes as planned, any problems that may come up in the near future will also be handled by him. The project limits are Odessa Road to Mineola Road and so far the project has remained inside those limits. Much of the work will be performed under the beltway and should not be a problem for any nearby people passing by. Homeowners should have been given 48 Hours notification if their sewer will be affected so they can be well prepared with anticipation. The work is expected to be completed by its dead line, any set backs will be reported immediately to the supervisor and homeowners. (See below for illustration)