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WSSC May Raise Rates for Lower Usage Customers

At the last Tuesday’s meeting, a representative from WSSC came and talked about the proposed WSSC rate structure.

According to WSSC, under the new rate structure alternatives because by simplifying the rates from 16 tiers to 3 or 4 tiers, the rates at the lower usage tiers have to be increased to maintain revenue neutrality.

WSSC is saying the change is necessary to address the Public Service Commission’s finding that the current 16 tier rate structure was unduly preferential to low usage customers.

While the bill for a one person household would increase at the most by only $7.70 per quarter or about $2.56 per month, it is a relatively small amount. The Commission has a number of programs to support customers who have difficulty paying their water & sewer bill including the water fund, the customer assistance program, and bill payment plans.

According to WSSC, affordability has been a major priority for the Commission during the rate review process and we are committing to enhancing the existing programs before implementation of a new rate structure.


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  1. DAK4Blizzard

    I’m curious how much residents in College Park are paying for water. In the Camden apartments, the water bill is divided among the entire complex. And this seems very unfortunate, because a typical *monthly* (not quarterly) bill is around $35 for 1 occupant and $70 for 2 occupants. It’s been even higher than that lately. I feel like for the amount of water I use, I should be paying at least 50% less. If I didn’t know better, I’d say people are installing swimming pools and giant fountains in their apartments.

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