WSSC’s contractor will be completing concrete and asphalt repairs throughout North College Park this month (weather permitting). Please use caution in the work zones and pay attention to posted parking restrictions. Signage will be posted at least 48 hours prior to work.

The following areas will be affected:

4900- and 5000-Blocks of Lackawanna Street
5000-Block of Iroquois Street
5000-Block of Eutaw Place
5000-Block of Cheyenne Place
9300-Block of 50th Place
5000-Block of Cree Lane
5000-Block of Blackfoot Place
9400, 9500, and 9600-Blocks of 52nd Avenue
4900- and 5000-Blocks of Hollywood Road
9100-Block of 49th Avenue
4800-Block of Blackfoot Road
5100-Block of Lackawanna Street
5000-Block of Huron Street
5000-Block of Erie Street
5200-Block of Kenesaw Street
5000-Block of Geronimo Street
9200-Block of 51st Avenue