I don’t want to be the bearer of the bad news, but this is the latest on the camera petition that we sent to WMATA recently.

Basically, the WMATA ignored the concerns of some 300+ residents in north College Park, who use the Metro’s north  entrance on a daily basis.

True, it’s a disappointing news, but we’ll try our best to take the residents’ concerns through other avenues. Soon we’ll contact the 21st Delegation and the County council to see if they can bring the Metro back to its sense.

By the way, the Patch covered the story yesterday evening. It also published the entire letter with the petition signatures that was sent to Metro. Here is the link. (Thanks Patch, as always!)

And, here is the response letter from the Metro, which I find pretty lame and frankly void of substance. True, it mentions the landscaping job that they did after the incident, but the letter has no mention of  the concerns expressed by 300+ residents. I wonder how can we make them listen?

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