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With Schools in Break, Should Speed Cameras Be Out Too?

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I came across this Washington Post article other day, that talks about speed cameras operating in the Prince George’s county even during summer break, when schools are out.

With the county, the City of College Park also introduced five speed cameras within the city boundary last year.

The purpose of these cameras, as the county and the city officials say, is to keep our road safe, for the students going to our local schools. Out of 5 cameras, 4 are around UMd facilities and 1 is around Hollywood Elementary school in north College Park.

Back in last April, under pressure from concerned residents, the City revised its policy of 24/7 operations of these cameras. The argument at that time was why should these cameras keep giving ticket during after-school hours. The City caved in to residents’ demands.

Now when the schools are out, should these cameras still operate? Shouldn’t they all take a complete summer break too?

What do you all think?


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  1. DSN

    Please don’t turn off the speed cameras! During the time that they’ve been in operation, it has been a BIG relief to see drivers slowing down to a saner speed, rather than endangering themselves and others by driving too fast.

    Several years ago, before the speed cameras went into operation, I saw a pedestrian get hit by a speeding car on Queen’s Chapel Road. It wasn’t pretty – she was severely injured, and permanently disabled. Had the car been going at the speed limit, the accident would not have occurred.

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