With New Requirements, FBI Relocation to Greenbelt Looks Promising

The FBI Headquarters in D.C.

The FBI Headquarters in D.C. (Source: AP)

Yesterday, the General Services Administration (GSA) sets a set of requirements to select the new location of FBI’s headquarters, the Washington Post has reported. This happened after the GSA solicited ideas from several local governments in the area about the new location. News reports suggest that the GSA received some 38 proposals from Prince George’s, Fairfax and Louden counties.

SGA’s new requirements include:
1. Property that can accommodate 2.1 million square feet of office and related space, including parking as related by local rules. The GSA “anticipates that approximately 50 acres would be needed to satisfy this project requirement” it said in a statement.

• Level V security protection, the same level given to the Pentagon and CIA headquarters.

• Access to Metro and the Beltway. Specifically, “the closest boundary line of the site offered shall be within 2 miles by paved public access road of a Metrorail station, and either inside the Capital Beltway or within 2.5 miles by paved public access road of a Capital Beltway interchange.”

• Adequate access to public utilities.

The new requirements eliminate the possibility of FBI’s relocation to some counties in northern Virginia, and thus making the option of having FBI’s new home in Greenbelt more promising.

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2 Comments to “With New Requirements, FBI Relocation to Greenbelt Looks Promising”

  1. By Robert Catlin, November 16, 2013 @ 4:20 pm

    The new requirements don’t block the FBI from going to Springfield, VA, the prime VA location, or some other VA locations. It does rule out Westphalia, which is a second PG County proposed site. Montgomery County never had a site in the running.

  2. By Pat, November 18, 2013 @ 9:59 pm

    The Springfield site has numerous problems, the first being access. While it is close to a Metro station and to I-95, there is pretty much no space to build an interchange for access – and building one would take years since that area is already packed with overpasses and ramps. The second issue is that there is a clandestine facility there that would apparently be very costly to re-locate (not to mention the cost of moving everything that’s there to another location.)
    I think the Greenbelt site remains the best location, but just wait until this thing heats up and the politics start to play out. As I read somewhere else, “It’s a good thing Byrd isn’t still alive, or FBI would be moving to a podunk coal town in WV.”