The City has this practice every 10 years following the census. The census results are out now with new population demographics in College Park. To keep the tradition, the City Council is working to review Council District Boundaries

Recently, the City Council decided to establish the 2022 College Park Redistricting Commission, whose purpose is “To Review And Recommend The Appropriate Reapportionment Of The City Council Districts And To Formulate The Charge To The Commission.”

The Redistricting Commission will consist of 11 members
(a) 8 members, one to be appointed by each Council member, with each appointed member residing in that Council member’s district,
(b) 2 Commission members to be appointed by the Mayor
(c) 1 Commission member appointed by the University of Maryland Student Government Association.

The Council will consider appointing the member at this week’s meeting.

The Commission shall meet with the Mayor and City Council at the Regular meeting on April 26, 2022 to be officially constituted and receive the charge to the Commission contained in this Resolution and for other purposes as determined by the Mayor and Council. $50,000 has been allocated to support the redistricting effort.