Department of Public Works crews continue to clear routes. Crews are plowing/ salting routes. We have about 6 inch accumulation and could get 3 more inches. As soon as we clear down to asphalt, the heavier snow covers the route up again and we need to retreat and re-plow. DPW will continue to monitor conditions and work to keep roads clear in College Park. Residents can help us by parking off streets and in driveways and park close to curbs.

Please be aware that shoveling snow can pose a health hazard, so only shovel if your physical condition allows.

And please remember that wet snow is heavy and can be hazardous. Do not shovel snow if you have a heart condition or any other medical conditions and, always, no matter your situation, never over exert yourself. Please be safe in these weather conditions, and make sure to stay warm at home. Now would be a great time to make sure you don’t need heater maintenance or take care of any heater repair you may have been putting off so that it will run as effectively and efficiently as possible, if you have not done so ahead of time.

Thank you all who have volunteered so far. We still need a couple of volunteers based on the requests we have from our elderly neighbors and neighbors with a disability. As you’ve seen we’re having more accumulations (up to 6 inches) than what was forecasted before. Thank you!