Winter Farmers Market – Please Pre-Order by Today for This Weekend’s Market

The Hollywood Farmers Market has started a winter market at the Duvall Field parking lot.

Vendors will be taking pre-orders for this Saturday, Jan 30th delivery from 12-1 pm. Waltz Farm and Calvert Farm will be back again on Feb 6th.

You’ll find Pro Fish and can order from their store at https://www.profish.com/home

Also, Janelle’s Crumb Shoppe and Bakery will be there. Please order by 6 pm on Wednesday. You can view many of her baked goods on their FaceBook page.

Thai Amity will also be there and taking orders till 4 pm on Wednesday. Please see their menu below (and in the picture)
1. Khao new mu ping(Grilled pork with sticky rice) 1 order #10
2.Sai Aua.(Thai northern sausage with herb) 1 order$10
3.Tum Ma Muang (Green mango Thai salad with skin pork).1 order$8
4.Kluay Teaw Tom Yum noodle.(mixed pork shrimp and fish tofu.)1 order $13
5.Kang massaman kai. (chicken curry with veggie)with rice 1 order #10
6.Khao sai Naue(Beef curry noodle soup
)1 order $12
7.Bha Mee Mudang(Egg noodle with BBQ pork)1 order$10
And Thai dessert
8.Ka nom Ta ko(Thai pandan pudding )1 order$7
9.Klauy Ping(Grilled Thai banana with Sweet coconut milk+young coconut)1order $7


AND, here’s Thai Amity’s regular menu……. Regular menu

1.Chicken Pad Thai, Veggie Pad Thai
2.Chicken Fried Rice=$8, Veggie fried rice=$7,
3.Thai basil fried rice chicken =$8 Shrimp=$9
4.Drunken noodle( chicken=$9, shrimp=$10,)Veggie Drunken noodle=$8
4.Veggie Spring rolls=1order$5,Pork spring rolls=1order$6,Chicken Spring rolls=1 order $6.
5.Panang chicken&Veggie with Rice=$10,Panang Veggie with Rice=$9.
6.ChickenCoconut Soup$8 ,Shrimp=$9,Veggie coconut soup=$7
7.Papaya Thai Salad=$6
8.Mango with Sticky Rice.=$7
9. Sticky rice with egg custard=$7
10. Green curry(Chicken=$8 =$9Shrimp),Veggie green curry=$7
11. Thai garden Rolls Chicken or pork or tofu=$7
12.Thai Tea=$4
Thai Tea with Bubble Tea=$5

You can place an order inbox here or text to 301- 5753407

Hope this reads well. Take care and enjoy the snow if you get any.

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