Yesterday early morning, I  received this email from our council member talking about the power outage at.. guess where? – the City building.

Because the power is out in most of downtown College Park, including City Hall, the city’s web server is down.  As a result, I can’t get any e-mail on my city account, nor can anyone on staff.

The power outage continued until a good part of the day, yet in many part of the City, a significant number of Pepco customers in the region remain without power. Pepco is saying customers need to wait at least until 11 tonight for complete power restorations.

According a NPR report, only Pepco could restore only 40% of its power outage over 24 hrs since the storm ended last Wednesday midnight. The same figure for Virginia Dominion Power is 80%, and the Baltimore Power Electric is 70%.

The Washington Post is also reporting that Pepco was the slowest in seeking help from others to restore power. It trailed behind other utility companies in the area, such as BGE and Virginia Dominion Power.

This is not the first time Pepco’s response to snowstorm has been criticized. After last year’s snow storms, Maryland Public Service arranged two public hearings, where customers slammed Pepco’s record of poor services.