Welcome to College Park

I’ve been in touch with a few residents on starting out a public relation campaign to attract others move to our town. The campaign will highlight good things about our city so that the outsiders can be enticed to move to our city. Though the detailed plan about the campaign is still a bit sketchy, one idea we’ve about the campaign is to develop a website that would include information to help others to move to our town. A website like this can have housing / apartment listings in the city and other amenities that a newcomer will find useful.

Campaigns such as this may help to reduce the high volume of property vacancies due to issues such as foreclosures etc. When we have many houses left unoccupied, we invite other ills to the community, such as crimes etc. 
So why do you like to live in the city? We know everyone has a few grudges against the way things work in our city, but the fact that you’ve been living here for a while, there must be something good here that keeps you calling this city as your home.

Here are a few things we can think of (not necessarily in the order of importance)

  • Diverse and friendly communities
  • Home of the University of Maryland – great college town
  • Close to beltway, Metro and the nation’s capital
  • Great restaurants and shops
  • Affordable housing
  • Great student housing
  • Low crime rates
  • Free UMd shuttle ride within the city
  • Discounted housing with Work and Live College Park program

Do you agree / disagree with any of these items? Do you want to add more to the list?