Site trip – March 2011

The much discussed proposed Hollywood Gateway Park design work has been going “as scheduled”, with some minor changes.

At the request of the Landscape Architecture Department, student involvement in this project will be in the form of a Design Competition instead of a class assignment. 

“The Department believes that the city will get a better result because more time can be allotted, graduate students as well as undergrads could participate, preferably in teams, and they would have an incentive to work harder.” – said City Planner Terry Schum.

 The City has agreed to offer a total of $1,500 in prize money for first, second and third places.
Staff was scheduled to meet this week with Jack Sullivan, Landscape Architect and liaison for the Department, and provided him with the design recommendations and sketch prepared by the community. 

The Landscaping and Architecture Department has already provided information about the Design Competition to students and the students visited the site Site on March 21.

The Faculty will hold a review session with students on March 30 and the projects are due to L.A. Department on April 6. On April 13, students will present projects at community meeting at Davis Hall. On the next day (April 14), projects will be left at Davis Hall for additional review and comments by North College Park Citizens Association.

On April 18, Jury will select winners.  City will announce the Jury soon. They could include City staff and community members.