What You need to Know About Red Light Traffic Cameras

Some of you have probably noticed red light cameras in the area. These cameras are installed by the County’s red light camera enforcement division to enforce red light traffic violations.

The County has installed a number of them around the county. There is one on northbound Rhode Island Avenue, at Edgewood Road (photo below), another at Sunnyside Road at Rhode Island avenue, and another at north bound Route 1 at Cherry Hill Road. You can see the complete list of the camera locations here on County’s website.

Also, please note that in addition to the County’s current enforcement of the steady red signal, the County police will also conduct enforcement of the Maryland Traffic Law 21-202, right turn on red without stopping. These cameras only activate after the traffic signal has turned red.

You can find more about these cameras here on County’s website.

Please note that the City did not install these cameras, nor does it get any revenue from these cameras. That said, we think we should alert residents about these cameras, in case you are not aware of them. Thank you!

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2 Comments to “What You need to Know About Red Light Traffic Cameras”

  1. By Bill Smith, June 2, 2017 @ 8:25 am

    The camera at Sunnyside seems to flash for no reason. I’ve sat that the light and with no traffic going through the flash goes off.

  2. By Fazlul Kabir, June 2, 2017 @ 4:31 pm

    Bill, We reported the Sunnyside camera issue last week. I’ve been told that it’s been fixed.