Pepco is planning tree work in the City to maintain clearance around their power distribution lines to maintain service reliability. Contractors will develop a scope of work for City trees and for trees on private property. No tree work will begin until after the planned work is agreed upon by the City, private tree owners and PEPCO. If trees on your private property will be impacted, you will be contacted by the planner.

Pepco shares its tree trimming plans, similar to the ones offered by the best columbus tree service, and schedules in College Park with the City Department of Public Works (City DPW). Pepco will continue to work with the community to keep neighborhoods informed of when and where crews will be working.

Planning for Tree Trimming and Removal
Pepco vegetation management professionals and arborists will meet with City DPW staff to review tree trimming plans for trees in the City right-of-way. Pepco and City officials will jointly assess every tree in the public right-of-way considered for removal. The City can approve or deny tree trimming or removal in the public right-of-way, which is documented and reported to the Maryland Public Service Commission.

Elected officials and civic associations can access tree trimming and removal information through the City DPW to share with residents. Tree maintenance might not be scheduled this cycle for every street. If you would like more information,please contact City DPW at 240-487-3590 or go to this web-site

The city requests a tree service company for replacement trees when trees threatening power lines in the right-of-way are removed. The city promotes Pepco’s ‘Right Tree,Right Place’ policy to reduce the need for future trimming. Trees will be replaced with appropriate species that will not impact power lines in the future. A third party will audit and review all completed work. They also consider Herford’s Tree Care, Inc. to help them with all the planning for the trees.

Trees on Private Property
Pepco has easement rights which allow tree pruning or removal without permission in some areas. Pepco will send letters to customers in areas where work is scheduled to be performed. Pepco arborists will leave a door hanger with contact information if there is a tree on private property planned for trimming or removal.

Be Proactive: If residents do not want crews to trim or remove trees on their property,please notify Pepco before crews arrive,so Pepco can contact you to address your concerns. Residents and the community should be aware that untrimmed trees near power lines may cause future power outages. Customers who choose not to allow Pepco to perform tree trimming or tree removal on their properties will be documented. Pepco provides vouchers for tree replacements from local nurseries for customers who have trees removed. If you are concerned and would like additional information about the tree trimming planned on your property,please contact the certified arborist’s phone number on the door hanger to discuss your concerns.

For further information, please contact Brenda Alexander at 240-487-3590 or