What You Need to Know about City’s Contract Police Program

At last Tuesday’s NCPCA meeting , there were some questions about our Contract Police program and its relationship with other Police programs we have in the City, such as Prince George’s Police and the University of Maryland Police. Please see below a response from City’s Public Service Director Bob Ryan on these questions. If you have any further questions, please let me or Patrick know.

We currently reimburse Prince George’s County for 3 additional full-time police officers to be assigned exclusively within City limits. We also have a pool of 30 PGPD officers available to work part-time. The part-time officers are scheduled in addition to the 3 full-time officers to provide the approximately 10 “Full Time Equivalent” officers who work for the City. We staff and schedule our City contract officers to meet variable weekly and seasonal needs, such as backing up City Code Enforcement when they work night shifts on Thurs/Fri/Sat nights. In addition, PGPD assigns 2 beat cars (B6,B7) primarily to the City 24/7 to provide response to 9-1-1 calls for service, plus special PGPD squads, such as the 2 full time COPS Officers who primarily serve within the City, robbery suppression squad when we have specific crime problems such as 7-11 robberies, etc.; PGPD officers also respond from other areas of the County as needed for major crimes, incidents like major vehicle crashes, etc. ; MNCPPC Police are patrolling 23 park properties throughout the City such as Linson Pool, and neighborhood parks such as Hollywood park; Maryland State Police are patrolling the beltway within City limits and drive through North College Park to get in and out of the College Park barracks; WMATA Transit police are patrolling the 2 City Metro stations and buses throughout the City; UMDPS-PD patrols the main campus and the concurrent jurisdiction areas of Old Town and Lord Calvert Manor, UM property throughout the City such as the Severn Bldg. (old Washington Post) and the roads adjacent to UM such as University and Baltimore Blvds.; Federal Protective Services Police are in the City at federal facilities.

Each police agency is sharing crime information through the PGPD Joint Analysis Intelligence Center, and the Combined Multi-Agency Service Team (CMAST) using UMDPS crime analysts. These agencies all work within their jurisdictions and staff for crime trends and special events/incidents.

We began our current program with the assistance of Chief Magaw when he was District 1 Commander. He helped us get the MOU to hire part-time officers working secondary employment with the City. He recommended and recruited Lt. Keleti to work as our scheduling and supervising officer for our part-time contract officers. Lt. Keleti still fills that role for the City, and in addition now schedules part-time officers employed by the City to review our speed camera citations.

We expanded our contract program when Assistant Chief Davis was District 1 Commander. He assisted in getting the Police Services Agreement between the City and County approved for us to reimburse the County for the assignment of three (3) full-time officers to our contract program . Our full time contract officers work under Lt. Duelley’s command, along with the COPS officers working in College Park.

The City will fund the contract police program at $1,193,201 for FY2014. With the combined full and part time contract officers we add the FTE equivalent of approximately 10 patrol officers to supplement the PGPD beat, special team, and COPS Officers in College Park. Although our MOU with the County anticipates these will be supplemental officers, they often respond to backup the beat officers dispatched to high priority 9-1-1 service calls, and are often first on scene. They have significantly increased the number of traffic stops and field observations in College Park, often resulting in arrests for warrants, DUI, etc. Our contract officers anticipated role is essentially to be a hybrid of beat, COPS, and crime suppression officers. Our expectation is that they will be as productive and proactive as any officers in comparable PGPD assignments.

Our goal is to use our contract police program to enhance police visibility and services city-wide. We believe our contract police program is a very good component of total police services provided in College Park, and look forward to continued improvement of the program.

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