If you see a VeoRide Bike on City street, here is what you can help so that it can be collected.

According to our City staff, residents are encouraged to contact Veoride at hello@veoride.com.

Additionally, they can report to City’s Community Development Planner Katie Hart at
240.487.3541 email: khart@collegeparkmd.gov

They can also report the issue directly in the Veoride app if they have that on their phone. In the app, click “Help and Info”, then “Report Issue”, “Inappropriate Parking.” The app will ask for the bike number and location on the map. The bike/scooter number is useful to include so Veoride can send a message to the previous user explaining where they are allowed to park.

VeoRide staff drive around to rebalance bikes regularly. If riders are consistently leaving bikes/scooters in a particular area, then please let Ms. Hart know so she can pass that on and request changes to the frequency that Veoride staff are moving vehicles in the neighborhoods.

According to VeoRide, bikes need to be parked at a bike rack & scooters in designated zones. There is a grace period right now but people will start to be fined for improper parking. City is also working on a plan for enhancing parking areas & adding more parking. Thanks for your patience!