At the next week’s Council meeting, the City Council will review the City’s progress on the sustainability plan. This plan was passed in October 2015. The City Operations Sustainability Plan was developed to reduce unhealthy emissions created by City operations; coordinate City sustainability practices; position the City as an organization with leading practices in sustainability; improve the quality of life for residents; and conserve financial resources.

The City also completed a green house gas emissions study to provide a baseline for emissions created by City operations, and an update is planned for 2018.

As part of the City’s achievements in making College Park more sustainable, the following are some City actions to reduce emissions:

  • New HVAC system and solar panels on the Youth and Family Services Building. This was installed by a professional HVAC technician with training from Some older HVAC systems, such as furnace repair Jacksonville, must be serviced to ensure that they produce high-quality air.
  • Tracking and publishing waste and recycling rates at all City facilities
  • Reduction of total electricity and natural gas use due to energy efficiency measures (LED lighting, new, efficient systems, improved insulation, etc.
  • Purchased two hybrid passenger vehicles and three new, more efficient trash trucks
  • Installed and expanded bike share system
  • Initiated two storm water retrofit projects to improve water quality in local streams
  • Created incentive program for residents to purchase trees
  • Installed recycling containers in City parks
  • City review of solid waste collection policies and costs

The Council will have an additional discussion at the September 19, 2017 Worksession.

YFS-Solar Panel
The City installed new solar panels there which will reduce the building’s energy consumption by at least 50%!