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What Should be College Park’s Mission and Vision for Next 5 Years?

College Park 2021 - 2025 Strategic Plan Mission and Vision Statements

The City is in the process of developing its 5-year strategic plan for the year 2021-2025. As part of this exercise, the City needs your input about your choices of Strategic Plan's Mission and Vision Statements. The options were prepared by Staff & consultant based on (a) the current 2015-2020 Mission & Vision statements (b) residents' feedback on the new strategic plan (c) Mayor & Council members' feedback at last weekend's brainstorming session.

Thank you for your input

Mission Statement
Vision Statement


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  1. Dan Blasberg

    Mission Statement – I cannot select any of the five options because the city of College Park is not current a transparent government as shown by their willful failure to adhere to Maryland’s Open Meetings Act. As for “enhancing quality of life” if you mean legislating every little thing that residents can do, then yep. But I don’t see legislating what people can do on their own property as enhancing anything.

    Vision Statement – I cannot select any of the five options because the city of College Park, is not vibrant, it has no “small town feel” (Trust me, I grew up in a small town), it is not a model city for “small town charm”.

    so, because the above statements are devoid of facts, I will not be selecting any.

  2. Good day and blessings to all. I truly appreciate Dr. Fazlul Kabir and all that he does in our community.

  3. Tessie

    Thanks for getting input from residents. Transparency is key!!

  4. Mike Wenzel

    I didn’t check any of the boxes because everyone wants the best for College Park. All of the boxes imply that. My focus as a resident for all of my 62 years is that the focus should be a city with a university and not a university with a city. We both need each other but the residents of the city will be here long after any one student. Growing up in the 60’s, residents used to rent a room to a student while still living in the home. Now, houses have turned into ‘mini apartments’ without the infrastructure in the community to support that population. If a house is going to be rented to 5 unrelated people, it needs to provide for the needs of the 5, not just bedrooms, but and especially, parking. The streets were built when most homeowners only had 1 car. The house should only be able to rent to the number of people it can provide for. That is how you go back to being a city with a university and not a university with a city. Thanks for all of your hard work, it is appreciated. Mike

  5. Ariela

    I like these statements on the condition that the city actually makes these true. In order to make these statements true, the city will, among other things, need to:
    (1) Stop making new contracts with outside developers. These are not only environmentally destructive and encourage crowding, but if we are to prioritize quality of life for our community, we need to keep our community’s wealth and resources in the community.
    (2) Make the city more pedestrian, bike, and public transportation accessible. There a number of places that are, and allowing residents to use the UMD shuttle system is an excellent start, but we can do better.
    (3) If the city is to claim that it is “sustainable” or “green,” it needs to lead by example. Convert empty lots to forested areas or wildflower meadows instead of pouring concrete over them. Don’t use pesticides on landscaped areas. Have parking enforcement walk or bike instead of cruising around and idling in fossil fuel-emitting vehicles. Replace turf grass with native plants. All of these are cost-saving in the long term, and will improve the quality of life for residents.

  6. Barbara Pianowski

    I agree with several statements made by Dan and Ariela above.
    The City residents should have priority over the needs of the University and Students.
    New development should be curtailed in favor of preserving green space and tax breaks should go to homeowners (who live in their own homes) and not big developers. On and near campus rentals should be affordable for students and housing rentals should be limited to 3 unrelated persons.
    The City is not an HOA and should strive to limit adding more regulations which affect rights of home owners. I agree it should be a city with a university and not vice versa. Future development and university input into city government should be carefully considered at each step.
    City Hall should not be shared space with UMD…not sure if it’s too late to change, but less money can be spent on cosmetic additions to the building and more on efficient space. Council and Mayor should be elected for 4 year terms; candidates should be qualified through leadership and or government experience. College Park residents should have preference in filling any city positions.
    I do appreciate the time and effort of the council; it should not be a part-time job
    with full-time hours.

  7. Mary King

    The city mission statement is repetitive and vague. it’s states it’s mission to provide excellent services.What makes excellent services….and how much will they cost? What is “quality of life and connection for diverse community.”
    The vision statement is also vague and seems to make sweeping general statements that can be used to support any action.
    Here are a few specifics to concentrate on rather than the grand generalizations that can be used to support anything.
    Any rental house should have five parking spaces for that house….and not one long driveway that requires moving four cars to get one out, Our public streets are turned into a public parking lot and long term residents and their guests cannot park in front of their own home.
    The city uses consultants regularly to come up with plans for the city. The city also acts on these plans without giving the residents a proper opportunity to weigh in on these plans. Since the consultant has formulated these plans after hearing from focus groups and the one or two meetings open to residents to voice ideas it is ASSUMED that these plans are what residents want. There are major flaws in this process.
    1. The consultant encourages participants to use this as a wish list…..anything you’ve ever thought of that you like.
    2. There is no weighting to the list…..the council does not know if these items are the thoughts of one person or twenty.
    3. In the last part of the meeting, the participants area asked How they want to pay for these things! At this point the room goes silent…..
    So, in conclusion, this process is very flawed… one spends money without weighing wants vs. needs….and choosing projects based on the amount of money that is allowed for this project.

    Speaking of money ……it seems to me that the city is putting out projects for bid without planning an amount for a project…..and we are getting very expensive projects….such as the Duval field snack bar, and the Hollywood Gateway Park.

    Bulk Trash… a service that touches every resident. It is known that abuse exists. At the long meeting last winter that resulted in the pilot program there seemed to be general agreement that more specific information regarding the program was needed to curb abuse and improve service and fairness to all. Critical to moving forward is knowing how much bulk trash is generated by homeowners, and businesses…..with a breakdown that identifies how many in each category generate increasing amounts of refuse….ie….10 percent of business pickups require 20 items or greater and a full dump trunk…..40percent of businesses require 5 items or less…..Etc. with corresponding data breakdowns for homeowners….

    And the number of dumpsters for regular trash by household….and by businesses…

    Let’s identify specific goals that resonate with daily life…..
    Thanks for asking and listening!

  8. Margaret Ramos

    What wonderful comments from citizens of College Park. I second just about all of them. The City does not belong to the university and we do not need to have them in Municipal Building. We are destroying green space and covering it with cement. I have lived in College Park for 52 years and have witnessed so much destruction of forests, creeks, air quality, noise quality, on and on.This City is not a Big Business venture. It is for people to live in and and be safe and comfortable and try to find nature in their environment. Thank you Dr. Kabir

  9. Fazlul Kabir

    Thank you all for your important comments. I’ve shared your comments with staff and my Council colleagues.

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