On Thursday, May 28, Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks announced she will be lifting the stay-at-home order and will begin an incremental, modified Stage One re-opening for Prince George’s County effective today, Monday, June 1. Please see that list in the flyer at the end of this post. City also issued a statement about its own reopening status. Combining both statements, here is the list highlighting what is opening, and what is remaining closed in College Park.


Bagels and Grinds in College Park

Bagels and Grinds in College Park

Restaurants may open with outdoor dining only with no more than six (6) people seated at a table. Tables must be at least six (6) feet apart and no more than 50 people will be permitted at the restaurant regardless of space. Employees must receive health screenings prior to their shifts and CDC guidelines must be adhered to. All employees must wear face coverings and restaurants must have hand sanitizer and appropriate hand-washing facilities available;

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In College Park,  Bagels & Grinds will open its patio starting Monday, June 1, and will be able to accommodate about 20 outdoor seats. You can see here a more detailed list of restaurants that may be open starting today.

Retail stores may reopen with curbside pick-up only;

Barbershops and hair salons may reopen for hair services by appointment only with one (1) customer per 200 square feet, use of PPE by employees and customers, and the following of CDC guidelines. If you can’t hold of an appointment, you can trim your hair on your own as long as you use the right tools like those Kamisori Shears.

Customers will not be allowed to wait inside the establishment for their appointment;

Childcare facilities may reopen for essential employees and employees who are returning to work. Face coverings and gloves must be worn by all employees, social distancing and CDC guidelines must be adhered to;

Car washes may reopen with automated systems – drivers and passengers must remain inside the vehicle at all times;

Manufacturing may reopen with appropriate social distancing, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and the following of CDC guidelines;

Face coverings must be worn inside all businesses and businesses must continue to enforce social distancing. If you choose to go out, please keep in mind the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and remember to wear a face maskstay at least six feet apart from other people, avoid mass gatherings and wash your hands for 20 seconds regularly.

The City encourages restaurants to open with outdoor seating and will work with businesses and property owners to facilitate increasing space for seating, including, where feasible, to use part of the street right-of-way.

Houses of Worships

Houses of worship may reopen for gatherings of ten (10) people or less or continue virtual services;

Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets may reopen for carry-out only and must maintain proper social distancing, face coverings, and the following of CDC guidelines;

Parks and Playgrounds

County Parks, golf courses, and tennis courts remain open with appropriate social distancing measures in place; basketball courts, playgrounds, fitness facilities, and pools will remain closed

City playgrounds, fit lots, and ball courts will remain closed


Prince George’s County Government buildings remain closed to the public and employees continue to telework.

All City buildings and facilities remain closed to the public. This includes City playgrounds, fit lots, and ball courts.

City staff in all departments will continue to process and respond to email and phone calls remotely. For contact information for all departments, please visit the City’s website. Many of the City’s services can still be conducted online or via phone.

City Services:

Seniors Transportation Services remains in service by appointment only for essential trips (medical appointments or medications which are vital or to purchase items that are essential for subsistence within the next 7-14 days only). Please call 301-345-8100 to make an appointment.