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Volunteers Spend Morning to Beautify North College Park

It was 8am yesterday at the MoM / REI  / Pizza Roma shopping parking lot. Some 20 plus volunteers gathered around a table at the east side of the lot, adjacent to Rhode Island avenue. The table was adorned with some essential stuff, black trash bags, packs of blue hand gloves and orange vests. On one side, volunteers started their morning breakfast – with bagels and creme cheese, hot coffee, juices and water.

Soon they were assigned with routes. “Let me take my troop to Narragansett PkWy area” – said Moira Mcguire. Moira is a member of the local AlHuda school community and brought her 4 children at the event. Other members spread out to cleanup two major nearby streets – Rhode Island Avenue, and Edgewood Road. Another group went inside the adjacent Hollywood Elementary school’s backyard.

At the end of they day, they collected some 20 bags of trash from these areas. The County’s Public Works came later to pick up these trash bags.

Earlier, while volunteers gathered at the table, a call came from Abdul Kader, the owner of the local Pizza store Pizza Roma. “I see volunteers at our parking lot, can I pitch in?“. And he did, with his popular pizza that volunteers enjoyed much at the end of the event.

Thanks to the CBE (Committee for a Better Environment) and the local groups such as the AlHuda School community who helped organize the event and made it a success.


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  1. Omar Smith

    As salam alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

    This is great! keep up the Community Spirit!

  2. Janis Oppelt

    Thanks so much to all of the volunteers!

    Janis, CBE

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