Volunteers Needed for College Park Day

The College Park Day is only about 9 weeks away and here is the *official* version of the letter we’re sending to all community groups. In case it hasn’t reached you, please spend a moment to read and let us know where you can help out. Thank you.

The City of College Park is organizing its first ever College Park Day, an event that will act as a showcase for the diversity our City has to offer, on Saturday, October 9, 2010, from 1-5 pm.  This event will draw together dozens of community organizations to provide entertainment, activities, and fun for the whole family to enjoy.

We are looking for community members to volunteer and help plan this effort. This effort will be volunteer-driven and run, and we rely on volunteers to help make the event a success!  We are seeking volunteers to help out for approximately 15 hours between now and October 9.

We are looking for people to help out with the following committees:

Food Vendors: Help find local food vendors interested in selling food at the event, including helping them apply for temporary food sale permits and setting up the booths. Contact: If you are interested, please contact Morgan Gale at morgangale@comcast.net or (240) 481-7010.

Activities, Events, & Entertainment: Help recruit local organizations to provide entertainment and help set up activities for children and families at the event. Contact: If you are interested, please contact Becca Lurie at becca.lurie@gmail.com or (215) 808-4050.

Heritage, History & Community Organizations:Help recruit local organizations and put together displays on local history and our local community. Contact: If you are interested, please contact Fazlul Kabir at faz.kabir@gmail.com or (301) 659-6295.

Publicity & Media: Help publicize the event to get more people to come and attract local media to cover it. Contact: If you are interested, please contact Joe Smith at smitty5358@gmail.com or (301) 910-2433.

Welcome Committee/Logistics: Help arrange logistics for the events and help recruit volunteers for the day of the event to direct people attending the event and help people around. Contact: If you are interested, please contact Cheryl Moran at cheryl.moran@pgparks.com or (301) 345-2808.

Fundraising:Help get donations from potential corporate sponsors and other potential donors and help keep the total costs of the event down. Contact: If you are interested, please contact Patrick Wojahn at pwojahn@collegeparkmd.gov or (240) 988-7763.

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