Permaculture_GradenLast year, the City’s Committee for a Better Environment (CBE) held an introductory workshop with professional landscaper Lincoln Smith on a gardening concept called “permaculture.” Shortly after, CBE, with the Mayor and Council’s approval, hired Lincoln to design a landscaping plan that would be installed along the Trolley Trail. Due to community concerns and budget constraints, CBE and the City decided to do a pilot project on one part of the Trolley Trail instead of the whole plan, and evaluate the health of the garden as well as the management and maintenance of the pilot lot in one year.
(Attached is a simplified plan of the pilot project.)

Now CBE is ready to recruit volunteers who are willing to play in the dirt on Sat., Oct 4 and/or Sat., Oct 11!

Please see below for details.

In the spirit of “many hands make light work,” CBE invites you to volunteer to help us prepare and/or plant trees and bushes along the Trolley Trail that will eventually produce edible fruit, nuts and spices.

October 4: Ground Preparation 9 am to 1 pm
October 11: Planting Day 9 am to 1 pm
October 18: Rain date.

Meeting Time and Place: 9 am in Berwyn along the Trolley Trail on Rhode Island Ave. between Tecumseh St. and Greenbelt Rd. There will be a welcome and refreshment table about halfway between Greenbelt & Tecumseh.

RSVPs: For more information and/or to register, please contact Steve Beavers at