Today marks the start of a new year. Folks around the world are busy in making all kinds of new year’s resolutions – regular exercises, dropping a few pounds, quiting smoking – you name it.

How about having a resolution as a community? And what could be a better resolution other than having a set of active volunteer driven programs throughout the year?

With the city’s budget going under serious strain and the demand for services going up, the need for an increasing volunteering activities is more important than any other time in the past.

Still wondering what you can do to make your neighborhood a better place to live? Here are a few that comes to my mind:

  • Start a Neighborhood Watch block program – be the block captain – be a crime buster
  • Organize a Winter Clothing Drive – hundreds need warm clothing in this winter
  • Organize a food drive – feed the hungry
  • Be part of a neighborhood cleanup event – make your neighborhood look good
  • Start a Trafic Awareness Campaign – let others know you care about safety about your family and children

I hope to be part of a few of them, let me know if you have any other ideas we can do together.