NCP Runway

If you think the ‘Lackawanna runway‘ is a hyped propaganda term coined by a few residents,  you’re probably wrong – a US Airways pilot actually made a mistake thinking our neighborhood street a runway too.

The news came yesterday from a north College Park resident, who is also a ham radio hobbyist.

“I was just listening on my radio scanner to the tower approach at National Airport and apparently, a US Airways 737 mistook the lights on Lackawanna Street for Runway 19 at DCA.” – said the resident.

Thankfully, the pilot did not land on Lackawanna street .

The landing of an actual aircraft on our city street  may be a remote possiblity, but the incident did test nerves of some residents. “… it scares me that a plane could mistake us for an airport runway!” – said one concerned resident.

Though not a coincidence with the mistaken landing incident, residents who are affected by the high intensity of lights on Lackawanna Street have started a petition asking the City to “dim the lights to an appropriate level”.

Titled “Blinding Lights and No Nights in Hollywood“, the petition thanks the City for taking steps to improve safety on Lackawanna Street. However, it says the street lamps are far too bright for a residential neighborhood.

“The goal of the project was to light the sidewalks, not to give us permanent daylight! Currently, the project creates light pollution that is negatively impacting our homes and properties.” – reads the petition.

The residents are also very concerned about the devaluation of their properties as a result of light pollution. They want the  City “to take immediate action to readjust the lights so we can live in a neighborhood, not a runway.”

If you agree with the residents’ concerns, you can sign the online petition here.

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