I was asked to give an update on the progress of City’s new website development. The staff received input from the Council about the new website mock up that was presented in a recent worksession and is working to make a few changes based on those feedback. The changes are mostly related contents and how they should be organized (called “site map”):

1. Consistency of title of boards and commissions. Sometimes they are written as ‘committees’ sometimes as ‘commissions.’ It is now officially “Commissions”
2. Visitors list. The list doesn’t seem to be a list of things that visitors typically want, e.g., jobs, home ownership, etc. instead, we should use the Shop College Park list of banner names and link to each of those. This will help especially since most people don’t know what shop college park is. After much discussion staff felt some of those things should be there, for those that are looking to move into the area. The Shop College Park link will also be added.
3. Things to do is also an idea that was thrown in. This could link to ATHA, Tourist attractions, etc.
4. Students link: add trash; remove parks and recreations, parks will stay, refuse removal will be added
5. Make our visitors page into one that caters to people visiting DC. We can promote our attractions and connection to transportation. Our transportation map along with close proximity to DC attractions

Staff is working closely with the website contractor (Revize) to make these changes and are still looking for a tentative go-live around the fall time frame. Please let me or Patrick know if you have any questions.