Blue Light Phone

It’s been a while since we talked about the safety measures at the Greenbelt Metro entrance.

Our discussion started since the assault incident last summer, when a 15yr old girl was sexually assaulted at the place. Since then, we talked many things on how to improve safety of the neighbors who ride Metro through that entrance. I thought I should give you some updates on those measures.

First the camera petition drive, where we had asked WMATA to install security camera at the Metro pathway has been quite successful. We’ve collected more than 200 signatures from the riders and nearby residents. The Mayor and Council will soon send that petition to the WMATA along with a few other requests, such as additional lights etc. An email from a Metro official suggests that they are not aware of such initiative, but will check further. ” …this time, I’m not aware as to whether WMATA is planning to place a camera(s) or additional lighting on the exterior of the Greenbelt station. I will inquire if these security measures are in the planning for station security enhancements.” – says the email.

The blue light phone was scheduled to be installed in last August, however it’s taking a bit more time. The good news is that the plan was to install such lights is tied up with Lackawanna St. streetsacpe work, which has already started. so let’s wait a little more, the lights should be there any time soon.