New stop signs at Rhode Island and Niagara Road

Since we talked aboutthe stop signs at the new intersection of the Rhode Island Ave, and the Niagara Road, the City and the county staff worked together to improve the traffic safety at the intersection.

One concern we still had was about vehicles going into Niagara Road from Rhode Island Avenue. These vehicles often come to the intersection too fast, so much so that other vehicles on the service road and Niagara Road may face the danger of accidents.

To address this concern, the staff  observed / recommended the following issues at the intersections:  

1.       The vegetation on the northwest corner should be cut backed and thinned. 
2.       The tree on the northwest corner should be removed.
3.       The existing signs along the southbound lane of Rhode Island Avenue should be checked and adjusted so that they do not block the sight distance.
4.       An advanced intersection sign (indicating Niagara Road) along southbound Rhode Island Avenue may be necessary. DPW&T’s Traffic Safety Division will look into this request. If warranted, the advance warning sign will be installed.
5.       A “Niagara Rd” street name sign will be required along Rhode Island Avenue at Niagara Road.
6.       The “stop” sign along the service road should be moved further northward.
7.       Traffic operations at the intersection of Niagara Road and Service Road should be observed during peak hours. If operational problems were observed (specifically for left turning vehicles on Niagra Road), then a “Do Not Block the Intersection” sign should be installed on the eastbound Niagra Road approach to the service road. The temporary stop sign installed on the same approach will be removed unless it is otherwise directed by the City of College Park. The City will provide the request in writing.
The county’s satff will review the temporary measures initiated by the construction project manager and City’s observations to determine what is necessary to make this intersection comply with common County traffic safety standards and practices.
In addition, the City staff will recommend to the City Mayor and Council that the temporary “stop” sign on Niagara Road become a permanent installation so that the sign will not be removed at the completion of the construction project. 

Please let me know if you have any question or further suggestions.