As the restoration time has moved again to 6 am tomorrow, I got quite a few questions about why it’s taking so long for Pepco to restore power in our area, especially in north College Park, where we’ve got a significant senior population. I was also asked how Pepco prioritizes its restoration work. I asked those questions to our municipal contacts @ Pepco. Please see their responses below. Hope this will be helpful and thank you for your patience.
We are still seeing around 4,000 customers without power in the College Park area.  College Park was the center of the microburst from last night’s event.  We know we are almost approaching 24 hours now for some customers being out of power, but there was a tremendous amount of damage in the area related to the storm.  We are seeing multiple poles of wires and multiple trees down, causing restoration to take a significant amount of time.
With that being said we have mobilized over 250 additional resources from our sister Utilities and others to help with the restoration, most of those resources just got in arrive today, so I expect restoration times to increase. We are doing everything we can to restore customers as quickly as possible.
As far as our outage prioritization.  We start restoring our Transmission and Sub transmission lines first.  Then we go to any substation outages and any feeder lockouts.  That process restores the greatest number of customers the fastest.  After that, we then go individual feeder outages on the main line – storing 3-phase power along the circuit.  Lastly, we restore our secondary customers – where there our outage from the pole to each individual home.