Staff from the MDA Mosquito Control Section reached out to our Public Works about the wooded area at 51st Ave and Cherokee St. They did a landing test and the number of mosquitoes is quite bad – worse than it has been in a long time. They are planning to do an unscheduled spray this Sunday evening (approximately 7:45-8pm), weather permitting, to get their numbers down. They plan on doing the east side of Rhode Island Ave from Branchville Rd to Edgewood Rd. They will spray again this Wednesday, weather permitting, if the numbers are still high. Please let us know if you’ve any concerns.

Staff reiterated that these are not disease carrying mosquitoes, but the biting makes it pretty miserable to be outdoors. It’s also important to note that the spraying does not have an effect on the Asian Tiger Mosquitoes (ATM), the black/white striped ones. These are active only during the day, as opposed to the native mosquitoes that are active at dusk. Staff suggests that residents walk their property and dump any standing water – unused containers, buckets, toys, bird baths, flower pots and saucers, tarps, corrugated drainpipes, free-standing basketball hoops, etc. They breed very quickly, so the standing water needs to be dumped every few days. And since they can travel up to a hundred yards, people should talk to their neighbors, as well. We appreciate your cooperation.