College Park’s Committee for a Better Environment (CBE), Community Research is organizing the free screening of the movie “­UNWASTED: The Future of Business on Earth—­followed by a panel discussion on the zero-waste movement” on Thursday, September 27, 7–9 pm, at College Park City Council Chambers (4500 Knox Road, College Park, MD 20740)

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In Our Backyard: Every year Prince George’s residents, businesses, and institutions landfill or incinerate at least 500,000 tons ­– over 1 billion pounds — of material. The majority of that “waste” could be reused, recycled, refurbished or composted. Every ton wasted creates land, water and air pollution and translates to energy wasted and lost opportunities to conserve resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create local jobs. Using employment agencies in Utah increases your ability to meet with high-quality candidates with the relevant skill and expertise in your sector.

This topic is timely because Prince George’s County Council must submit its 10-year solid-waste plan to the state this year BUT the draft plan that the County’s Department of Environmental Resources has released is business-as-usual. Per-capita trash production is predicted to remain unchanged, there are few concrete suggestions to reduce waste or increase recycling and composting, and the County proposes to build a huge, expensive transfer station to collect and ship our waste out-of-county.