I attended the Neighborhood Watch block captain / coordinator meeting last Thursday evening (1/20)  at the Davis Hall. The Community Response Team (CRT) officer Melanie Sarita of the PG Co. Police briefed the crowd on the recent crime incidents in north College Park. She said there have been quite a few incidents in the area, which she thinks unusual for this part of the city. She reported that around 13 break-ins have been reported alone in the recent weeks. Most incidents happened around Erie St., Delaware St., Cherokee St. and Lackawanna St.

What’s more alarming, all of these incidents happended during day time (9am to 3pm) – when most of us are out at work. Though she could not disclose the details of these incidents due to the sensitivity of the ongoing investigations, she thinks that most of these crimes are the acts of the same individual or the same group.

She asked neighbors to watch for a black male in Daniel Park area; the individual appears as “disoriented”, but has been reported to be seen inside a few unprotected houses. Another person to watch is a white blond male with tattoo on his neck; this individual has been spotted in the Blackfoot Rd. area.

If you see anything suspicious, please contact the PG Police (301-333-4000) or Ofc. Sarita at 301-699-2950 (email mmsenobio@co.pg.md.us). You may also contact our neighborhood watch coordinator Kim Lugo to inquire about the program in your area [phone: 301-345-2553 (home) 301-404-0050 (cell), email: kslugo@yahoo.com ]