Speed Camera near Duvall Field

Speed Camera near Duvall Field

Soon after installing speed cameras in various parts of the City, residents started to complain about the confusion they faced surrounding the operating hours.

Except the one on Rhode Island Avenue, near Duvall Field, all cameras have been operating round the clock; non-stop.

The one near the Duvall Field, is located near the Berwyn Christian School. The law requires that all cameras must operate near the “School Zone”. It was unclear, however, why the City decided to operate the rest of the cameras round the clock, even though they also operate near the one or more school areas.

The different timing of the operations caused confusion among some residents. Some residents were even concerned about the idea of having the speed cameras altogether. They think cameras are means of collecting revenues, and not a mean for ensuring public safety, as the City officials want them to believe.

Earlier this month, the City has decided to change the operating hours of all cameras and make them consistent. All cameras will now operate from 6am to 8pm, Monday to Friday. They will not operate during weekends.