At next week’s meeting, the UMPD Chief Mitchell will brief the City Council about the live monitoring of cameras in the City.

The UMPD has, in the past, monitored in real-time eighteen (18) CCTV security cameras in Old Town and three (3) on Route 1 between Lakeland and Berwyn House Roads for a total of twenty-one (21) cameras. UMD provided this service at no cost for three (3) years until the original MOU expired at the end of FY14. Subsequent MOUs between the City and UMPD reflected the cost per camera based on fees for similar services to UMD self-support programs.

Real time monitoring of City cameras was originally not funded in FY21.

After the budget was adopted without monitoring, the Council restored monitoring for one year as a means to help identify large gatherings which violated the Covid 19 public health restrictions. The cost of record-only services was funded in FY 22, and in the proposed FY 23 budget.

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