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UMD to Cut 3125 Parking Spaces on Campus

At tonight Council meeting, the City Council will discuss with the representatives from the University of Maryland about the reduction of the parking spaces at the campus and its impact in the neighborhood.

Currently, the UMD has 18,874 parking spaces on campus. Because of a number of development activities, this number will go down to 15,749. This means the UMD will be losing a total number of 3,125 parking spaces. The UMD is expecting that the students and faculty staff will consider alternative methods of transportation, such as riding the Shuttle-UM , take public transportation, take the rideshare-UM and Bike-UMD.

The Council will discuss the loss of these parking spaces on our neighborhood streets, especially to the streets close the UMD campus. J. David Allen, the Executive Director of the UMD’s Department of Transportation Service will attend the discussion meeting.



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  1. DAK4Blizzard

    It’s too bad this couldn’t coincide more with the opening of the Purple Line. Understandably, the University may not be able to afford 6 more years of waiting, as hopefully the line will open by 2022. It’s been delayed long enough!

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