Ken Ulman

Yesterday, the University of Maryland has recruited former Howard County Executive Ken Ulman to transform College Park into a hub of high tech start-ups and business incubators, the Washington Post reports.

Mr. Ulman is also a 1997 University of Maryland alumnus.

Mr. Ulman has recently formed a consulting firm Margrave Strategies LLC, and the new initiatives will be supported through its contract with the University of Maryland College Park Foundation, this university’s fundraising organization. He ran unsuccessfully for Howard County lieutenant governor recently. Ulman found himself essentially unemployed after Kittleman’s swearing-in this month.

Ulman’s role will be to find businesses and entrepreneurs who want to form partnerships with the university or bring new energy to College Park by locating their offices there.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Ulman’s hourly contract with the University of Maryland Foundation will pay his firm up to $247,000 a year, according to university officials.