[The University is seeing input about the sales of alcohol at their athletics events. Please see below for more]

Last spring, a student proposal to permit the sales of alcohol beverages at Maryland athletic events was submitted to President Loh and the University Senate. The proposal was forwarded to the Athletic Council, a group that advises the President on athletics matters, for review and deliberation.

On March 24, the Athletic Council provided the following recommendation to President Loh:

“The sale of beer and wine to the general public of legal drinking age at Maryland Athletic events is permitted beginning in fall 2015. A plan for conducting the sales will be developed by Dining Services in conjunction with Intercollegiate Athletics staff. The plan should contain sensible restrictions such as limiting the number of drinks that can be purchased at one time and ending sales after the third quarter of or midway through the second half of games as appropriate. This approval is provisional and will be revisited after the first year when such sales are allowed.”

Further, the President has stipulated that, if this measure moves forward, all net income from alcohol sales will be directed from Athletics to campus-wide student support activities such as counseling and mental health services, wellness programming, responsible drinking initiatives and diversity training.
The President is seeking additional community input into this issue before he makes a final decision. On his behalf, we encourage all of you to weigh in with your thoughts, comments and reactions to this recommendation. We have established an online comment area at www.president.umd.edu/AlcoholSales. The comment period will remain open through April 24.