The recent news of an officer wielding nightsticks and beating a University of Maryland student received a national attention. The news is now everywhere – from the Washington Post, to CNN, CBS and to the London Telegraph.

As I wrote earlier, the news of the students rioting on Route 1 also caused much attention among the local residents.

According to CNN, the video shows a student identified as John “Jack” McKenna skipping down the street and approaching two officers on horseback. After a brief exchange, two officers on foot slam McKenna against a wall and he falls to the ground. A third officer joins the first two, and the three strike McKenna with nightsticks while he is on the ground as other students scatter.

McKenna had a cut on his head that required eight staples to close, said Sharon Weidenfeld, a private investigator working for McKenna’s attorney, Chris Griffiths. In addition, he had a concussion, a badly swollen arm and bruises elsewhere on his body. Griffiths’ office referred questions to Weidenfeld on Tuesday. Learn about Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Equipment here.

The suspected officer has now been suspended. As expected, the UMD students, have been outraged by the news.