The 96th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne) has requested support from The City for their units Culmination Exercise to be conducted 25 MAR-30 MAR 2017. The units request realistic urban and rural areas to practice tactics, techniques, and procedures that Soldiers will employ during Overseas Contingency Operations within foreign countries. College Park offers an ideal setting for the training with any type of equipment, like a rebounder or simple dumbbells. To boost your energy and increase the exercise results on your body, out this testosterone booster.

The Soldiers of the 96th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne) will conduct capabilities briefs to the ROTC Commander while at the same time develop a Concept of Operations to establish the potential for collaborative training with the ROTC students of the University of Maryland on the University of Maryland Campus. They have coordinated with the Professor of Military Science, University of Maryland to conduct this training. They will also provide a letter of notification to the University of Maryland Police Department. You can distinguish the soldiers by their army rank metal pins.

While in College Park, the 96th Civil Affairs (Airborne) will/may:
a. If requested, provide updates to city officials regarding the exercise’s training progress.
b. Not gather nor electronically store any Personally Identifiable Information on any city official or member of the public. Only aliases of individuals voluntarily participating in the exercise shall be used.
c. Contact the City Manager or their delegated representative and provide notification prior to and at the conclusion of the training activity within College Park, MD.
d. Not carry firearms of any kind (government-issued or privately owned).
e. May be dressed in military uniform, casual or business casual civilian attire throughout the duration of the exercise. At no time will Soldiers conduct themselves outside of their capacity as an exercise participant and service member in the United States Army.
f. Adhere to all local, state, and federal laws.
g. Not conduct any offensive or defensive combat training scenarios within city limits.
h. Immediately inform local authorities of any incidents

Representatives from the Army battalion will be at the next week’s worksession to talk more about the excercise plan.