The City was awarded a Chesapeake Bay Trust (CBT) grant for $66,180 from the Prince Georges County Stormwater Stewardship program to fund bioretention along Narragansett Parkway near Muskogee Street. Additionally, the City was also awarded a CBT grant for $80,960 from the Green Streets, Green Jobs, Green Towns Program to fund a bioswale along Rhode Island Ave between Greenbelt Road and Techumseh Street.

The City worked with the Low Impact Development Center (LIDC), headquartered in Beltsville, to design the projects and manage the permit process. Throughout the process, planting plans for both projects have been reviewed by the Tree and Landscape Board. For implementation, it was determined that grouping both projects together would be the most efficient and economical method of procuring construction.

At the advice of the LIDC, staff contacted Corvias, the prime contractor for the Prince Georges Clean Water Partnership (CWP). Under the CWP, Corvias is currently implementing and maintaining $100 million in stormwater projects throughout the County. Due to the relative size of the City’s projects, Corvias recommended one of their certified subcontractors, Stormwater Maintenance, LLC (SWM). The firm is currently under contract with several local jurisdictions and the City can receive favorable terms by riding an existing contract from a larger jurisdiction, in this case, a contract from Harford County, Maryland.

The Council is expected to approve the projects at this Tuesday’s Council meeting. Depending upon the Council approval and final permit sign-off from the County, construction is expected to commence by September/ October and all work should be completed by December. Outreach to nearby property owners will be conducted before work begins.