Two Senior Events this Week

A gathering of College Park senior citizens

College Park Recreation Board will sponsor two College Park Senior Summer events this week. There will be food, beverages, and entertainment. These events are only targeted for College Park Residents 55+

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Attick Towers 9104 Rhode Island Avenue
Time: Noon -1:30 p.m.
Registration before 3:00 p.m., Tuesday, 25 June is required
Please contact Attick Towers staff at 301-345-3600 to register

Friday, June 28, 2013 at Spellman House
4711 Berwyn House Road, College Park, MD 20740
Time: 1:00 p.m. -2:30 p.m.
Registration before 3:00 p.m. Wednesday, 26 June is required
Please contact Spellman House staff Charles Robinson at 301-474-3435 to register

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