Two Development Options Discussed for the Stone Industrial Site

UPDATE(4/14/2021): Please attend the community meeting to discuss the future use of the Stone property on April 5, at 7 pm: Zoom link:  http://zoom.us/j/97672476078

At last week’s town hall on the Stone Industrial property, residents discussed two potential development opportunities at the Stone Industrial site.

County Councilman Tom Dernoga (District 1)  hosted the meeting and shared the information.

Option 1 calls for the construction of townhomes with 232 dwelling units. The developer for this option came before the community at one of the North College Park Community Association (NCPCA) several months ago and presented the plan. The developer of this option has asked the community’s support for changing the zoning from the current industrial (I2) zoning to residential.

At the town hall, residents came to know about a new option, called the “Market Place” option. This option calls for a mixed-use commercial / industrial / research development and would include a public retail market, brewery / aquarium, and a restaurant.

This new operation, ProFish would be relocating from Washington, DC, and expanding into Prince George’s County.

Industrial uses include a processing plant, wholesale / distribution operations, freezer / storage areas, greenhouse / vertical farming, fertilizer production, and water filtration.

Various research and development opportunities would take place in conjunction with both the University of Maryland Baltimore County and the University of Maryland College Park.

Mr. Dernoga told that Profish would be offering a certain number of jobs for College Park residents. They are also offering spaces for College Park Meals and Wheels to relocate. The MoW has been looking for a new space as they’ve outgrown at their current location at the Methodist Church. ProFish is also offering space for a future North College Park Community Center.

The subject property contains an existing 1-story 2,280 SF concrete and block building with a building height of 17 FT. The Greenbelt Metro Station is 7/10 of a mile to the North of the subject property. The subject property is not a flood hazard.

The property is part of a larger surveyed area, which is part of Parcel 2 of the Stone Straw Corporate Subdivision. Approximately 150 feet to the South of the subject property is a 1-story, 31,135 SF block building with a building height of 18 FT.

Approximately 60 feet to the Southwest of the subject property is a 1-story, 11,175 SF brick building with a building height of 14 FT.

These three properties are situated in the surveyed area in a triangular pattern. 194 parking spaces service the existing premises.

Mr. Dernoga presented comparative studies of two development options, prepared by Cunty’s Economic Development Corporation. Please see the presentation below. It can be also downloaded from here.

Both options have opportunities and challenges. Several residents shared their concerns about the potential increase of traffic through neighborhood streets and overflow parking on nearby streets.

A follow-up meeting will be scheduled soon. Please share this information with your friends and neighbors.

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2 Comments to “Two Development Options Discussed for the Stone Industrial Site”

  1. By Harvey, September 27, 2020 @ 8:03 am

    Cannot say I am in favor of either one of those plans for this site, but if I had to choose, it would be the retail option. Neither plan fits in with the current community and each plan would bring increased traffic to the neighborhood. Understandably, the city wants the increased tax and revenue generated by the development, but either option would negatively impact the existing residents and it out of character of the existing structures. How about we stop trying to develop every inch of the city as there are plenty of vacant store fronts in need of tenants along the Route 1 corridor. We do not need to increased traffic or noise that would be associated with this development.

  2. By Laura H.P., October 17, 2020 @ 8:52 am

    This is another blow to College Park’s tree canopy. But more importantly, developing this parcel will be a major loss of a niche wetland ecosystem. Part of the area is a winter wetland wood. It supports a lot of birds, frogs, and other types of wildlife. I regularly take walks on 51st Ave, and it’s always a pleasure to peek into the woods and watch birds bathing in the standing water. They can replant the trees, but the wildlife habitat, seasonal wetland, and native ecosystem will be lost forever.