Trolly trail in Berwyn Heights

In last Tuesday’s worksession, the Council gave the green light to construct Trolley Trail from Calvert Road to Paint Branch Pkwy.

According to our staff, the City recently received seven bids for the project. All bids were reviewed for compliance with project documentation and their unit prices were checked for math errors. References provided by the apparent lowest qualified bidder were checked by staff and found to be good.

Staff reviewed the subject bids is recommending that contract CP-12-03 be awarded to the lowest qualified bidder, D&F Construction, Inc. of Forestville, MD in the amount of $399,334.75, subject to SHA Concurrence In Award.

Assuming timely SHA concurrence with this award, construction would begin in spring 2013 and be completed by mid-summer 2013. The project’s funding will include only the TEP grant and City C.I.P. funding.