Bike to Work: Map

Though I take my bike to the Greenbelt Metro Station on my way to work in DC every day, I never took my two-wheeler to my work, ever!

But I have always wanted to make the trip by bike; I know others have done that before.

Last Friday’s Bike to Work Day made that dream a reality!

My guide in this little adventure was Google. Google has recently added an option that you can use to find a route not only using car and public transportation, but also by using a bike! Through this excellent feature in the beta mode, it helped me accomplish what it promises, giving me a route that takes advantage of the existing bike trails.

After my 27+ miles round trip between College Park and DC, I found it to be mostly enjoyable.

The best part of the trip was the opportunity to see some 7 miles of bike trails, starting with our own famous College Park Trolley trail, to the Anacostia Tributary trail, and finally the long Northeast Branch trail that took me to the doors of Washington DC.

Also, the trip (kind of) allowed me to see several cities and townships, such as Mount Rainer, Bentwood, Admonston and of course, DC.

I took a few pictures along the way as I made the trip. Please enjoy them here.