Yesterday, the PG Parks told us that they have discontinued further tree work until further review.

The representatives from the Airport and M-NCPCC were asked to attend this week’s City Council meeting to respond to City’s concerns about excessive tree removal. Many Council members including me asked questions about M-NCPPC and Airport’s lack of transparency and a clear plan to mitigate the damages caused by the tree work. At the meeting the Airport and the M-NCPPC were asked to fully brief the City on which specific trees are yet to be removed, and on the replanting plan, including which specific species will be planted at what specific locations and when.

Last week County Council member Danielle Glaros also asked the College Park Airport “Tree Trimming” project be halted until the meeting with the City of College Park took place. In a second letter yesterday, she asked the erosion control and stream bank stabilization measures be put into place for the areas in which trees have already been removed