The Department of Public Works plans to pick up the Monday trash/recycle route on Monday morning. They will make a decision later tomorrow about Tuesday’s trash/recycling. We will keep you posted as we hear a change in schedule. You can also call Public Works later tomorrow at (240) 487 – 3590 to know the latest.

In order to help inform you about the latest storm updates, the City will activate the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) tomorrow morning at 5:00 am. The Center has a backup generator there and thus the center will operate even during power outages. The latest about the storm will also be posted on City’s website ( ) . You can also tune in Comcast channel 71 or FiOS channel 25 to find the latest information.

Off course, you can always call me anytime to find the latest. Please feel free to do so. My number is 301-659-6295

Also, the Department of Public Works is asking residents not to rake leaves and pile them by side streets, as the storm will most likely blow them away. We’re told that there is no way that the City will be able to remove leaves that residents put into the street unauthorized.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.