Trash can at a WMATA station

I recently came across a discussion of removing trash cans from Metro stations as a way to reduce litters at these stations.

The discussion was based on a similar plan that New York recently adopted in their subway stations. The subways there are adopting the trash rules of a wilderness area: Carry in, carry out.

New York’s MTA officials plan to remove trash cans from eight subway stops on Sept. 2 to see if forcing straphangers to take out their own trash makes the system cleaner.

According to the officials, two subway stations in Manhattan and Queens have gotten a lot cleaner since the MTA removed their trash cans last fall.

For example, litter is down by 50 percent at the 8th Street stop on the N/R line in Greenwich Village, and by 67 percent at the Main Street 7 train stop in Flushing.

“We need to expand the experiment … to see if we have the same results,” said MTA chairman Joseph Lhota.

Similar programs have worked on the PATH system and on London’s Underground, Lhota said.

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