WSSC Resurfacing Schedule in Hollywood, October '11

As I was campaigning the other day on Nantucket Rd, I met a neighbor who brought a common issues on our streets.

The neighbor was pointing to the road resurfacing and the related landscaping issues that the WSSC has been doing.

First, it took WSSC for about a year to complete the water line replacement. There are some serious concerns on this work, which I reported earlier.

Then when it did the resurfacing, the landscaping work was not done up to its standard.

This neighbor showed me an area near her house where weeds grew in place of new grasses. I called City’s Public works and have them ask WSSC contractors to redo the landscaping on that street. If you have any such as issues on your street, please let me know.

As for as the final resurfacing work goes, please see the map on the left on the schedule. All resurfacing work should be done by this weekend.