Here is a list of budget items that have been added to this year’s budget. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Budget ItemAmount
1C.I.P. transfer to City Hall Expansion$952,410.00
2C.I.P. transfer to Randolph Macon Avenue$126,050.00
3New roof and HVAC system at Youth & Family Services$106,000.00
4Updated public safety study$67,500.00
5C.I.P. transfer to Hollywood Commercial Revitatization$63,000.00
6Increase in Fire Department Capital Equipment Grants$60,000.00
7SunGard citizen request tracking software$51,678.00
8C.I.P. transfer to Green Streets$50,000.00
9Statistically significant community survey$30,000.00
10Laserfiche scanning software and scanning of documents$26,350.00
11Increase in budgeted rectangular rapid flash beacon (RRFB) from 1 to 2$26,000.00
12Employee engagement study$20,000.00
13Seed grant to Greater College Park Sustainability and Resiliency Financing Initiative$20,000.00
14Additional beautification/landscaping city-wide$8,000.00
152 additional streetlight installations$6,000.00
16Customer service strategy, goals and training$5,000.00
172 outdoor community bulletin boards in North College Park$2,000.00

I want to thank everyone who came to last Tuesday’s public hearing on FY17 budget and the College Park’s property tax rate.

We plan to discuss the subject further at this week’s Council worksession before we formerly vote to approve the budget at our May 24 regular Council meeting

The Council will discuss the FY17 budget Ordinance tomorrow, a week prior to adoption (at the May 24 meeting) to determine if Council wants staff to write up any proposed amendments that may be introduced the night of adoption.  Having these proposed amendments written up in advance will simplify the process for our Dept. of Finance (to avoid having to make calculations “on the fly”) and makes it easier for the City Clerk in preparing the minutes.

At last week’s public hearing, many residents expressed concerns about the additional tax they will have to pay due to the increase in our property assessment, and also about  the larger budget that has been proposed for the upcoming fiscal year. The Council may choose to reduce the City portion of the property tax rate in order to reduce the additional tax residents will have to pay next year. If amendments are made, we will also need to amend the budget to reduce allocation in the proposed budget. Our finance staff recommend that the shortfall be deducted from the City Hall C.I.P. (Capital Improvement Project) project transfer rather than by use of unassigned reserve.